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Juan González-García

Juan González-García, PhD. Senior Researcher at the Biocomputing Unit at the Institute for Health Sciences in Aragon. Juan obtained his PhD in Computer Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia – Barcelona Tech. He has developed a solid career in data analytics, simulation and performance analytics of parallel applications in world-class research centers such as the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and the IBM T.J Watson Research Center. In his current position, Juan is aligning the parallel a distributed computing fundamentals to develop new big-data-based methodologies on real-world data analytics and exploring new research lines on how cognitive computing interacts with health systems research, personalized medicine and personalized care.

Juan has participated in multiple national and international competitive grants and is author of more than 20 publications in top-level journals and international conferences. Currently, he holds a fellowship in the Health Services and Policy Research group at the Institute for Health Sciences in Aragon, participating in the IctusNet project ( and the Joint Action on Health Information (